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Commercial locksmith service in Chattanooga, TN is one of Chattanooga Locksmiths’s strongest assets. Our team of specialists have unique skill
s and training that allow for many security improvements to your business. We have experience with restaurants, small businesses,Commercial Locksmith | Commercial Locksmith Chattanooga TN | Locksmith for Business | Locksmith for Business Chattanooga TN | Unlock A Business
hospitals, schools, personal offices, and corporate buildings.

We offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chattanooga Locksmiths wants to work with your business to make it secure and a second h
ome to patrons, employees, clients, etc. Everyone deserves to feel safe and just in their home!

Mobile Locksmith For Business

We offer commercial locksmith assistance to any business within 40 miles of Chattanooga!


Commercial lockouts are often urgent matters and typically can mean someone’s job is on the line. Chattanooga Locksmiths can sympathize with urgency as good as anyone and better than most. No matter how simple your complex your lock may be, or where your business or office is located, trust us to ensure convenience at a time of stress. Call now to receive an immediate 10% on all commercial lockouts.

High Security Locks

Chattanooga Locksmiths knows that different occasions and businesses requires different types and brands of locks. Let a member from our commercial locksmith team determine which type of lock can best improve your business. Have a specific lock in mind? We can also install and replace any lock that you already have. All of our lock services our backed by written warranty that lasts 90 days. We stand by every job that we do!

Security Service

We offer many services that positively affect the security of a business. Security cameras that can be accessed from the click of a button on your smartphone as well as electric/electronic/biometric locks are both available. These services not only elevate security but also add a sense of professionalism.
Commercial Locksmith Chattanooga aims to leave every one of our customers with the satisfaction of having a more secure business. Call (423) 551-9286, and we will be there in a jiffy!



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